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The first picture is of a family business that continues, the second is one that is about to close. Can you name the family businesses that used to be located in the following pictures. Most of these ran for over 20 years and some for a great deal longer.

Answers – 1. Keith Andersons Jewelers, laterly run by Mark Anderson. 2. Betty’s bakery ran by Betty and Bernard Ellwood. 3. The site of Samuel Fielder’s off licence. 4. Both these shop fronts were once Gibbons Store.

If you have any pictures of these, or any other family businesses, why not send them to us.

Milners, Boothferry Road, Goole


Tom Pye, Pasture Road, Goole

Tom Pye

Shop near end of Pasture Road, Goole.

1 - ?

Shop at the corner of Pasture Road and Fourth Ave, Goole

2 - ?

3 - ?

Pasture Road, Goole

4 - ?