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About Goole was established to act as a portal site to search both the Internet and provide a presence on the Internet for the Town and Port of Goole.

Whilst the World can boast of many places named after Britsh towns and cities - Manchester, Melbourne, Boston, (New) York etc there is only one Goole.

Goole is a very young town, historically speaking, when compared to its neighbours - Howden, Snaith, Epworth and Selby. There are several web sites that tell the local history of the town far better than we could attempt.

Essentially we aim to present a selection of sites that represent the people and businesses of the Goole area as well as useful information.This site is undergoing a major rebuild and we apologise for missing and broken links. We would like to re-establish contact with past contributors and partners. Please e-mail us at

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Good Reasons Why Importers & Exporters Should Use the Port of Goole
"Goole is Britain's premier inland port. The combination of a strategic location at the heart of the country’s transport infrastructure along with extensive and expanding modern high quality facilities enables Goole to provide a rapid and cost effective service to its customers." - quoted from ABP website for the Port More